one-dream, a love celebration in three acts.


Join us as we journey through a narrator's tale of tricksters and wild women, of lovers and storytellers, of curious beings existing to share themselves with you. We shall travel together with our narrator Midnight Rose and the music of The World's Premier Pagan Lounge Ensemble, Rosin Coven, to discover what surprises and revelries await us.

Featured Artists

Our Narrator: The Fabulous Midnight Rose

Musical score provided by Rosin Coven.

Monkey Puzzle

Elizabeth and Melissa Castaneda

Anna Rahe

Laurel Kitten

BadUnklSistah & F'kir Elderfae

Elizabeth Strong

Zander Schloss

Rosie & KenĀ 



Act One Finale: The Rain Dance:

The Rain Dance is our sacred performance and commitment ritual. Invoked by Spirit, the Rain Dance brings a blessing to our event and creates the space for the creation of Ken and Rosie's union.


Solo Dance and hooping performance by Miss Rosie Featuring The Twins

Ceremonial Rite by shaman Lou Kent

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