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About One DreamAbout One Dream

Before it had a name and a creative structure, One Dream was to be a celebration of Ken and Rosie's love and commitment to each other. As they were driving back from Axel & Nikki Martinez's 2006 wedding in Santa Barbara, Rosie said to Ken, "How about making our wedding a big circus party with our gift registry being for charity?!"


The idea from that simple genesis has been evolving since the winter of 2006, and has now come to represent a much more significant purpose of far-reaching impact. One Dream has grown to be an expression of valuing community, of creating participatory art, of practicing and moving further toward sustainable living, and of sharing abundance with those in need.


One Dream embraces today, and looks to the future with hope, and an understanding that our hope can only come from us developing confidence in our communal ability to deal with the situations reality has given us.


Rosie & Ken's goal is to create One Dream into an endowment or grant that will assist our greater community on an annual basis. In celebration and activation of this, their vision is to gather together our (your) community at a yearly event to enjoy each other, create art and music, and fully experience the essence of life. This is the One Dream Community. We love life and each other, and we participate for change because we care.



A Conscientious Event


In response to the surmounting need for more globally sustainable choice-making, Rosie, Ken, and the One Dream support team have attempted to create this event with as light a "footprint" as possible. We have markedly stepped away from tradition, and asked, "How can we do more to conserve resources?" We have achieved a lighter footprint by thinking under the principles of BUY LOCALLY & ORGANIC; BUY SUSTAINABLE & FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS; USE LESS DISPOSABLES; and RECYCLE (meaning: assure recyclables are separated from landfill waste; separate compostable food scraps; and, in another sense, buy second hand when possible). Below is information on the specific measures we have taken to "green" the first One Dream event.



Our paper invitations were purchased from a local company (, and are tree-free, sustainably produced, and are a fair-trade product. Additionally, our invitations, with all of these benefits, were about one half the price of traditional wedding invitations. We kept the paper RSVP cards, and instead created an online electronic RSVP system; this alternative method eliminates additional paper usage, which saves on trees, and fossil fuel resources that would be used in the transportation and distribution of paper RSVP cards.



Our delicious dinner will be prepared with 100% organic ingredients that were grown locally and purchased at local farmers markets. Buying locally and organic ensures fresher produce, better taste, and better health for our bodies since there are no harmful pesticides used in growing the food. Additionally, buying locally supports small farmers who are stewards of the land and who protect it through sustainable methods. Lastly, buying locally saves on fuel resources because our food does not need to be transported as far before it reaches the end consumer.



In an effort to reduce land fill and frivolous consumption, dinner will be served with reusable plates, utensils, and napkins. While the convenience of compostable food wares makes an attractive alternative to plastic plates, forks, and cups, a lot of energy and resources go into producing those pates and forks, which we use for all of five minutes before throwing away. The option of reusable dinner ware is much more attractive from a sustainability standpoint when compared to all that goes into producing disposables/compostables (which are made in part with corn or potatoes). Here are some aspects to consider about compostable food wares: The resources used in the growing of corn or other ingredients (a lot of which could be GMOs); the transportation of the product supplies to manufacture; the energy used to actually manufacture the procucts; and lastly, the further use of fossil fues in the transportation of the products for distribution to the end users. Additionally, instead of renting or buying new food wares, the One Dream team has sourced all of these wares second hand for our use, thus greening our party even more. (There is a possibility that we will be using compostable cups due to possible glassware restrictions at the venue.)



All waste from One Dream will be separated into appropriate containers for: Recyclable Drink Containers; Compost Scraps; and Landfill. The food scraps from our organic dinner will be layed to rest in Rosie & Ken's garden compost heap where the scraps will eventually be transformed and used to grow food in their garden.



Please have a look at the Community page to see how we, as an abundant and thriving community, will be sharing our abundance wiht those in need.




About Ken


Ken was born in San Diego in the summer of love, July 29th 1967. Having myriad experiences, Ken feels as though he has lived many lives. Much of his grade school education was in “special education”, and he was a high school drop out. He miraculously went on to graduate from Cornell in 1998, and then from Harvard Business School in 2000. He was overweight most of his childhood, and yet raced bicycles as an adult. He was once lonely and had given up on being a husband, but now has a deep connection with whom he calls the most wonderful woman imaginable.


His awareness of his life’s purpose is still evolving. As of now, he is working on being true to himself. He looks forward to continuing to contribute to his community in more meaningful ways. Ken is an investor by trade, which is a profession that offers numerous and constantly evolving challenges, and is a dynamic on which he thrives.


Ken says that he has grown more over the past year of knowing Rosie than in all of his previous 39 years of life combined. When he met Rosie, his life was surrounded by things and situations that reflected a general lack understanding of his self and his potential. Very rapidly, Rosie brought out strengths, love, passions, and self awareness that have enriched Ken’s life beyond imagination. He is now living in the present without trepidation and thrives on Rosie’s support and love.


Rosie and Ken invite you to One Dream. This event was created with you in mind. Ken says, “I could never imagine myself on an altar, in front of a priest, making vows. This event is an expression of our love of fun.”


Ken and Rosie would also like to invite you to share your abundance with communities and people who are in need. Please view the “Community” link for more information.


About Rosie


Rosie is a fitness lifestyle coach and teacher, and an entertainment educator. Raised in Arcata, CA, she moved to San Francisco in 1999 where she has continued to live since graduating from the University of San Franicsco. She graduated with a BBA in International Business, and has since moved on to start her newly created HoolieHoop Company ( which teaches an active lifestyle and self-improvement through hoop dance. Yes, Rosie is a professional hula hoop teacher.


Rosie’s mission in life is to teach people to empower themselves through self-love and nourishment, so that they may share their inherent value with their community and our world.


Rosie’s on-going personal goal is to be an inspiration to others toward living lives of happiness and virtue. Her professional goals feed her personal goal: Currently, she is continuing to develop a very special aspect of her public persona "Miss Rosie Love", which is that she is a children's hero. Miss Rosie Love teaches kids an active lifestyle through hooping; she teaches self-empowerment, love, & that we are each *enough* as we are; and she teaches conscientious decision-making toward sustainable living. Miss Rosie Love is an entertainment educator, and Rosie & Ken are working toward creating a DVD series and television pilot to share her teachings with children globally.


The spiritual and physical place Rosie finds herself in now would not have been possible without the most wonderful partner she has ever known, her love, Ken Masters. She knew within two weeks of dating Ken, that she had met her life partner; someone who would infinitely create with her and participate whole-heartedly in this amazing life. Ken had asked Rosie before they were dating if she thought she would ever get married. At the time, Rosie had never experienced a man who truly encouraged her, and wanted to grow with her to share their full values with the world. Ken swept Rosie off her feet at BurningMan in August 2006. When they returned from that trip, she never spent another night at her house! The fact that they both were in career transitions provided them with unending time to spend with each other. It was two weeks after they returned to San Francisco, when they were sitting in the car after driving home, that Rosie said to Ken, “Umm…I feel kind of funny saying this, but…Well….I know neither of us believe in any sort of conventional marriage, but if we did, I would go there with you.” That awkward statement had come out of a reflection on our previous conversation about probably never getting married. And so, that was how Rosie proposed to Ken. He said, “I’m so happy to hear you say that.” And his eyes welled up with warmth and love. Their relationship is absolutely amazing. Full of communication, presence, compassion, creativity, action, and, of course, lots of love!


Ken is Rosie’s “Sweet Pea.” He is her encouragement, her support, her friend, her Love, her partner. It is with complete joy, and a huge smile, that Rosie says, “And I am the same for him.”








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